The Unveiling of Light and Dark

The Unveiling of Light and Dark
by Amelia Coyle
This project was created as a portfolio for my final photography course at Santa Barbara City College. I was inspired by the contrast of light and dark elements, not just in terms of photography styles and content, but also in a person’s character. As my ideas developed, I was reminded that there is only a fine line between light and dark, and I became determined to convey the coexistence of both domains. What started out as a simple comparison of opposites molded into an unveiling of a multifaceted human being.

I organized two separate photo shoots that took place at the SBCC studio as well as my backyard, using Alien Bees B800 flash units and soft boxes. The photos were edited in Adobe Camera Raw, Lightroom 3 & 4, and Adobe Photoshop CS5.

I ultimately designed a book of photos from this project using Adobe InDesign CS5 and had it produced by Blurb.
A digital preview of the book can be seen at: 
Model: Veronica Sotelo
Make Up: MAC Cosmetics
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